Take Me Higher

As an event planner, know what I love about balloons?
So many things. So. Many.Things.

They don’t wilt.
They don’t drop petals.
They stay still for photo ops.
You don’t have to wait for them to be in season to get your favourite colour.
They won’t make someone walking by sneeze and reach for the Benadryl.
They look like magical glowing orbs of pure light when backlit.
They make a bold statement and fill up dead space.
The metallic finish ones are just so … satisfyingly shiny.

Listen, balloons are not just for your neighbour’s friend’s cousin’s kid’s birthday party. The Kardashians, the Jenners and a host of other avant-garde celebs have recently reminded us – mostly through far too many filtered pics on Instagram – that balloon arches are a whole mood and can effectively elevate any event experience.

The colour and design options are truly endless. We can use hues to complement any wedding theme and take it to the next level. They’re also a fun addition to birthdays (because of course), bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, you name it. You could deliver a cheerful, vibrant vibe with an arch of pink, orange and red balloons. Or you can add a more luxe feel to your soirée with gold or silver accents. Also, how fun is the word soirée? We love that buoyant, giddy feeling we get when a new request comes in and we have the chance to be creative and build a brand new custom balloon installation.

You can ask us about arches, garlands, displays and bouquets. There is even the option of using a combination of balloons and organic elements, like vines, for a more dramatic effect. It might be fun to have a mini arch over the food table – because let’s be real, everyone wants to know where the food is.

What’s not to love about the versatility of balloons – they’re ideal for indoor and outdoor events. They add pops of colour and joy to any occasion. As part of our steadfast installations, the balloons won’t blow away during one of our trademark Maritime gales. We always use high-quality balloons that are fully biodegradable and last for weeks – so they have staying power but you don’t have to worry about your event being environmentally friendly! We love our furry and feathered friends and are fully committed to “leaving no trace” when an event is over.

Brian Limoyo Photography

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