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An Ode to Intimate Weddings

Ah, love in the time of Cholera COVID era wedding planning. It ain’t easy. Delaying your plans, rethinking the size of your guest list, considering what an outdoor venue would be like at different times of the year. Even when the worst of COVID is over, the rest still applies.

Time to sit back, take a deep breath and a moment to read the love letter we’ve penned to celebrating smaller weddings. Sometimes, an intimate experience to ring in your big day can be even more memorable than a massive, splashy affair with hundreds of guests surrounding you.

Safety First

J. Wells Photography

Health protocols come, health protocols change … then change again. If you decide to keep your wedding party small, you don’t have to worry about going “over the limit” and making anyone nervous about going against Public Health guidelines. Besides, isn’t it more fun to forge ahead with a slightly shorter guest list and avoid those uncomfortable conversations completely?


J. Wells Photography

With a smaller group to accommodate, your options for booking a venue may open up. You could choose a smaller, cuter, or quirkier venue that would not have been able to handle 50+ people at one time. Not to mention that the planned seating will be less of a headache – if you’re hosting a seated dinner versus a more relaxed event with passed appetizers.


Not to be crass here, but … weddings can be … très cher. Beyond the dress, there’s the food, the drink, the flower arrangements, the venue fee, the list goes on and on. But if your special day is a little smaller, you could splash out on something to make your guests really feel the love – wedding keepsakes or souvenirs that are a little more enticing than a bubble blower with a silver ribbon wrapped around it. A custom gift at each place setting could be so meaningful.

Mix and Mingle

J. Wells Photography

This will seem obvious of course but during the reception, a lot of pressure is placed on the bride and groom to say hello to Aunt Joan – who drove ALL this way just to be here tonight – and all the family, friends and distant cousins who are celebrating with you during this momentous occasion. But if your short list of most cherished loved ones are all in attendance, it will be that much easier to make the rounds, fit in more time for dancing and maybe one more glass of bubbly. It IS your day, after all.

Picture Perfect

With fewer crowds, comes … less crowding. Right? Your wedding photographer will thank you as they have an easier time capturing those magical candid moments to add to your wedding album and return to for years to come.

Start with a Plan(ner)

Good news, future brides and grooms! Pineapple Eventworks has partnered with all the best local vendors and we specialize in planning every aspect of what we like to call Bijou Micro Weddings. We would be so honoured to help you make your special day everything you want it to be. We’re currently accepting bookings for the 2022/2023 season – let’s talk about your big dreams for your small wedding. xx