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We offer packages for the following:

  • Full Service Wedding Planning
  • Partial Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Day Coordination
  • Wedding Day Coordination with Bartenders

Our Halifax-based team can help you plan your wedding or event taking the stress off your shoulders. Have you begun planning and realized outside help may be required? No problem, we’re able to jump into the process at any point. Is your plan still just an idea? We can help you turn your vision or concept into a luxury wedding.

There are five pillars to successful wedding planning:

  • Budget Creation
  • Timeline Creation
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Design & Decor
  • Wedding Day Coordination

Budget Creation

Defining your wedding budget is incredibly important. You need to know what you are committing yourself to, financially speaking, before beginning to hire or rent. Making sure you define and adhere to your budget can help prevent surprises later down the road and can alleviate anxiety around the costs associated with planning a wedding.

Timeline Creation

We help craft a detailed timeline of what needs to occur in the days leading up to your wedding as well as on the wedding day itself.

Well thought-out timelines can be the difference between day of success and total frustration. It’s important to get the logistics and timing correct on the major and minor details to ensure a smooth, stress-free gathering.

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Vendor Sourcing

It’s very important to select the best vendor for each task. A great vendor has a history and reputation of delivering on time and on budget. We have experience working with, and can recommend, the best vendors in Nova Scotia and PEI.

Design & Decor

Taking your vision and bringing it to life – this is what we do with our design & decor services. We can help you craft a unique aesthetic for your wedding from major set pieces to minor details. This is the fun part where you get to showcase you and your fiancé’s personality for all guests to see.

Wedding Day Coordination

We’ve coordinated tent weddings, barn weddings, beach weddings and venue weddings, all with successful reviews. On the day of, we give you the assurance that all details will be looked after. We are your right hand for the duration of the day.

Our Full-Service Package includes all of the above

Our Partial Planning package includes all of the above however it is more of a team effort. We take the to do list and conquer it together!

Our Wedding Day Coordination package is designed for the more hands on couple and emphasizes  help with your timeline and day of coordination.

We'll help take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful, stress-free wedding day for everyone. Contact us today for more information

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