Event Staffing

We provide professional, friendly serving and bartending staff for every occasion. Our Halifax team selects the best talent to ensure you and your guests have a wonderful experience.

We’re fully insured and all of our servers and bartenders have the necessary Nova Scotia “Serve Right” training and certificates for safe and enjoyable service of alcohol.

Do you want some help with setting up, serving, and clearing food? What about having someone to prepare your guests their favourite drinks? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our Halifax-based team of knowledgeable servers and bartenders are ready to help make your party or event a memorable one for both you and your guests. Elevate the way you celebrate – let us help so you can enjoy hosting your party!

What Types of Events?

We staff private events all across Nova Scotia and PEI, including:

  • Private parties
  • Weddings
  • Religious gatherings
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Engagement parties
  • Festivals
  • Catered Events
  • And more…

We’re able to work in traditional and non-traditional venues including office space, private homes, barns, tents, and other outdoor facilities, convention centres, yacht clubs, restaurants, and more.

How Does It Work?

Simply contact us with your party or event details and we can help craft a plan for the number and type of staff your gathering needs.

From there, we will reach out to our pool of talented servers and bartenders and put together the best team for your event.

Who Do I Pay?

Pineapple Eventworks Inc. will issue you or your company/organization a single invoice and we compensate our team members accordingly. You do not have to pay each server and bartender individually.

How Does Tipping/Gratuities Work?

There are many different scenarios. Ultimately, it is up to you, the client, to determine with us what you are most comfortable with. In most cases, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to your invoice. One exception is when we are operating a cash bar, as tips are often left by guests. You and your guests are not required to tip our servers and bartenders. Of course, additional tips are always at the discretion of the client and we can work with you to determine your preferred approach (and amounts) regarding tips and gratuities.

No matter the gig, we’ve got the right serving and bartending staff for it. Contact us today for more information about how we can go to work for you.

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