Month/Day of Coordination

This option is crafted for the couple who do not require help of a full service planner. This package is right for you if you’ve already booked your key vendors, dreamt of your vision and want the security of knowing that on the day of, all details will be looked after.

Where our strengths lie, is definitely during the ‘day-of’ execution. We’ve coordinated tent weddings, barn weddings, beach weddings and venue weddings, all with successful reviews. Essentially, with this fee, we are your right hand for the entire day, (including the work we do the month-of). Our guarantee is peace of mind on your big day!

Our Month/Day of package includes:


Day of Coordination-hourly rate

This option is designed for the very hands on, organized couple who simply needs help executing their vision the day of. We are still there to help with décor/coordination and be your right hand for the day.


Ceremony Rehearsal

We can coordinate your ceremony rehearsal the day before your wedding. If you require our help with the ceremony the day of, this fee is required.

It is particularly helpful to practice music timing if you would like help with music cues. We’ve coordinated close to 100 weddings and have tips to share when it comes to processional order and timing.

We’re happy to provide a quick turn-around on estimates & quotes. Please contact us today!

Wedding Planner vs. Day of Coordinator

Do the terms Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator confuse you? Pineapple Eventworks specializes in offering Day of Coordination services, and below we’ll outline the differences between a traditional Wedding Planner and a Day of Coordinator, sometimes known as a Wedding Coordinator.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating a full-service Wedding Planner vs. a Day of Coordinator:

What is your budget?

A Wedding Planner who is with you every step of the way can cost you 10-15% of your total wedding budget (on average – prices are region sensitive). In this part of the country, packages for Wedding Planners of ten start in the $2000-$2500 range.

A Day of Coordinator works with you on your wedding day to make sure that all of the planning you’ve done goes off without a hitch. We aren’t typically involved in the venue research and other early stages, therefore your costs are often half (or less than half!) those of a Wedding Planner. This is a great opportunity for brides and grooms who already know much about their wedding vision, but need somebody to help manage the pieces during the actual event.

How involved do you want to be in the vendor securing and research process?

Your Wedding Planner will present you with many options and they’ll research venue availability as well as proposed costs for vendors. This is a big time investment and contributes to their costs being higher.

A Day of Coordinator isn’t typically involved in the selection or securing process of your vendors. They will, however, contact these vendors in the lead-up to your event and be your onsite manager the day of your wedding. We coordinate deliveries and set-ups, the same as a Wedding Planner would.

How much time do you have to plan your wedding?

If you’re like many brides (or grooms!) you will want to be hands-on throughout the planning process. This is often when we suggest using a Day of Coordinator – our services allow you to do much of the planning and save money because of it. We typically meet with you the month before your wedding to learn about your specific vision and needs the day-of. This gives us the roadmap we need to run your event while you enjoy your big day.

In Summary

Both services are incredibly useful in helping to relieve stress – after all, weddings are often the largest event any couple will ever plan! The choice between a Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator often comes down to what your needs are. For instance, if you are planning to do a lot of DIY for your big day or prefer to be hands-on with your planning, we would typically recommend booking a Day of Coordinator. If you need a strong guiding hand early on in the process, then a Wedding Planner may be better suited for you. Either way, a Wedding Planner or a Day of Coordinator are there to help execute the wedding day smoothly. Rest assured that all of your hard work unfolds the way you envisioned it and, perhaps most importantly – spare your family too much work on your wedding day!