Event Staffing- Servers & Bartenders

Private Events

We can staff all of your private events (including weddings)! Are you planning a holiday party? Do you want some help with setting up, serving, and clearing food? What about having someone to prepare your guests their favourite drinks? Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you. We have a team of knowledgeable servers and bartenders who are ready to help make your party or event a memorable one for both you and your guests. Hire us to help so you can enjoy hosting your party!

Staffing for Organizations & Catering Companies

Are you short on serving or bartending staff for your event or offsite catering gig? At Pineapple Eventworks, we specialize in providing highly trained staff for your catering and event needs. We take care of scheduling, training, and coordination of our team members – all you need to do is call 902-367- 4944! Whether it’s building a team from scratch or supplementing your existing crew with a few extra pairs of hands, we can help. Casual event labour has never been so easy! We also look after payroll – that means not having to worry about taxes, deductions, or Workers Compensation remittances! Contact us today for more info and a free estimate.